Misanthropic Annihilation

" "This album was way more than I expected, the music is actually remarkable in almost every way possible, most tracks are really mind-blowing, you’ll be head-banging hardly with one riff and then you’ll have to stop due to the awesome breakdown in the track, the structures have incredible balance and splendid scales""

From www.metalstorm.ee

" “A must for all fans of old school death metal!”"

From Goregiastic Records

" “…the morbid sounds emanating from the speakers are enough to cause even the eternal optimists among us to question the point of living in this disease-ridden, battle-plagued earth.”"

From http://www.live4metal.com

" “This underground veteran has created with Misanthropic Annihilation one of the most menacing, ear-tearing, soul-crushing albums of recent times… Misanthropic Annihilation is the best brutal (yet not generically brutal by any means) metal release for quite some time and surely the best for the year 2006.”"

From http://www.maelstrom.nu

" “Raw, flesh tearing riffs with only the deep, but not guttural, death metal vocals the only way they should sound…This is pure death metal.”"

From http://www.metalcorefanzine.com

" “Each song also has its own identity, and that alone sets DARKNESS ETERNAL above a whole lot of the competition in death metal.”"

From http://www.metalnightmare.com

" “Absolutely recommended for those who praise the most obscurantist branch of Death Metal.”"

From http://www.metal-observer.com

" “The song structures are masterfully crafted as each tempo change and riff change builds on an ever imposing dark and haunting atmosphere that remains consistent, but the brilliant part is how completely different tempos and riff styles maintain that atmosphere. Darkness Eternal might be a gimmicky name to some but it sums up the feel of the music perfectly”"

From http://www.metalreviews.com

" “This is a perfect death metal masterpiece. I'd highly advise that any and every metalhead on the planet give it a listen… Rating: 10/10”"

From http://www.metalwhore.com

" “There are good changes and interesting arrangements that set Darkness Eternal apart from bands of this brutal style. A band that always shows progression but always keeping in mind that they are an extremely aggressive and brutal outfit.”"

From http://www.musicextreme.com

" “The goal of Darkness Eternal is to create well written black/death metal, and with Misanthropic Annihilation, that goal is certainly achieved.”"

From http://orphy.ionichost.com

" “With headbang worthy riffs and tremendously brutal musicianship and blasphemic lyrics, this entire album is a must have for any fan of dark, demonic metal.”"

From http://www.nocturnalhall.com

" “Darkness Eternal has its own style built on demonic feeling in compositions and balanced slow misanthropic riffs among the blasts. I hope that further recordings will be so high quality too and that this band will be finally seen and appreciated by the hordes of maniacs. 6/6”"

From Old Temple Webzine

" “Words do not do this excellent release of utter darkness any good, you will really have to listen to it and feel life slip away. Mandatory buy!”"

From Pentagram Warfare Records

" “Darkness Eternal have been forging their brand of Incantation-esque death metal (with hints of a more technical Disembowelment) for quite a while now, and have reached their phoenix with this monolithic piece of entrancing deathcult worship!”"

From Profound Lore Records

" “This new album proves that ancient death metal truly lives on… A masterpiece!”"

From Throne Of Torment Magazine

" “DARKNESS ETERNAL are a powerful force in death metal, and proof that there is still quality material still coming out of the underground.”"

From http://www.unchain.com

" “…occasionally an absolutely monumental album will emerge from the underground and shock even the most jaded among us. I am overwhelmingly pleased to say that Darkness Eternal's 'Misanthropic Annihilation' is such an album, and one that should be revered alongside such legendary death metal releases as 'Covenant', 'Effigy Of The Forgotten', and 'Left Hand Path'.”"

From http://www.vampire-magazine.com

" “One of the best releases of 2005.”"

From Witching Black Records