Ancient Wisdom (Brilliant Black/Doom Metal with lots of atmosphere!):

Angel Corpse (The official website for these black/death gods):

Apotheosys (Killer Black/Death metal from NC, USA):

Autopsy (An Unofficial fan site for one of the greatest bands ever):

Averse Sefira (Grim black metal from TX, USA):

Axis Of Advance (Blackened War metal militia from my home of Edmonton AB.):

Bulldozer (A cool website in tribute to these metal legends from Italy!):

The Chasm (One the best, most original, and authentic bands I've ever heard,
it doesn't get much more metal than this!):

Council Of The Fallen (Great Black/Death Metal from South Carolina, USA):

Cryptopsy (Quite possibly the finest musicians in death metal today,
hyper-blasting technical death metal from Quebec, Canada!):

Dead Jesus (Death/Black Metal from my home city of Edmonton AB!):

Deathevokation (Awesome old-school death metal ala Bolt Thrower and
Unleashed from these San Diego, CA heathens!):

Deteriorot (Great dark death metal in the Incantation vein from NJ, USA):

Dimentianon (Killer Black/Death Metal from NYC):

Empty (Incredible, obscure, and original atmospheric black metal from

Evoken (Killer Doom Metal from these NJ freaks, this is for the ones that
like it SLOW!):

Fallen Christ (Godly dark death metal from NY, very dark, demonic, and

Goatwhore (Great Black Metal with Celtic Frost and Bathory influences):

Hate Eternal (Insane death metal from Florida, features Eric Rutan!):

Immolation (Pioneers and legends of dark death metal!):

Incantation (Masters of unholy blasphemous darkness!):

Infinitum Obscure (Killer and crushing death metal from Tijuana, Mexico):

Krisiun (The official website of these Brazilian death warriors):

Krotalus (Killer old-school thrash metal with some death/black metal thrown
in for good measure, from South Carolina):

Kult Ov Azazel (Killer black metal from Florida):

Lecherous Nocturne (Real technical and ultra brutal death metal from South
Carolina, USA!):

Lust (Sick, blasphemous, and chaotic black/war metal from Edmonton, AB):

Mortem (Killer dark death/black metal from Peru, these guys have been doing
this for over 14 years!):

Nile (Ultra fast, technical death metal with Egyptian overtones):

Nuclear Death (A website for one of the harshest bands ever!):

Nunslaughter (Totally Old School Death Metal, these guys have been around
for 14 years!):

Obeisance (Total old school trend crushing Death Metal in the vein of old
Celtic Frost, not for poseurs or trendies!):

Rotting (Ultra brutal death metal from Ontario, Canada):

Sabbat (The Japanese thrash legends official website):

Shub Niggurath (Obscure and unholy black/death metal from Mexico):

Superchrist (Great old school metal totally in the vein of Motorhead):

Thergothon (A great website in tribute to the forefathers and one of the
best pure doom metal bands ever!):

Thornspawn (Killer black metal from the U.S.!):

Windham Hell (Killer, unique, and original dark and classically influenced
metal, both these guitarist shred!):

Magazines and Webzines

Battle Webzine:

Bravewords and Bloody Knuckles:

Canadian Assault:

Chronicles Of Chaos:

Cult Mongers Fanzine:


Fortitude Webzine:

Gore Whore:

Grendel Webzine:

Himnos Rituales De Guerra:

Jens Metal Page:

Krepuskulum Webzine:

Masterful Magazine:

Metalcore Fanzine:

Metal Nightmare:

Metal Storm Webzine:

Music Extreme Webzine:

Prelude To Darkness:

The Metal Observer:

Unchain The Underground:

Vae Solis:

Worm Gear Zine:


Alberta Metal (A website that has tons of info and many links to Alberta
Metal Bands):

Autopsy Kitchen Records (The record label that signed DE for the release of
“Misanthropic Annihilation”)

BC Rich Guitars (Makers of killer and unholy guitars!):

Brutalism (A website that deals with the promotion of death/black/doom metal
and more):

Brutality Radio (A 24 hour underground metal internet radio show):

Comatose Music (A great label/distro from NC, USA that distros "DOTS"

Cursed Productions: (currently distributing "Satanchrist"):

Dark Horizon Records: (Currently distributing "Misanthropic Annihilation):

Deathgasm Records: (A killer label/distro from GA, USA currently
distributing "Dawn Of The Suffering", "Satanchrist" and
“Misanthropic Annihilation”):

Destro Records (A label/distro from NYC, NY currently distributing
“Misanthropic Annihilation”):

Earshot Music (Music store in Greenville, SC that currently stocks
“Misanthropic Annihilation”):

Encyclopedia Metallium: (A killer website with a huge reference list of
metal bands of all genres, includes a profile page on DE):

Hate War Productions (A website with 1000's of death and black metal
video's, if you are a video freak, this is the site for you!):

Hellhole Radio Show (Great radio show from New York that plays killer
death/black/doom metal):

Jonzig (The website of the sick artist who did the artwork for both
"Satanchrist" and "Misanthropic Annihilation"):

Merciless Records (A record label from Germany currently distributing
"Satanchrist" as well as other fine titles):

Metalurgy (A killer metal radio show from Saskatoon SK, Canada):

Metal Haven (Located in Chicago IL, one of the finest metal stores in the
US, currently stocks "DOTS" and "Satanchrist"):

Metal Mania (Another great website with one of the most complete references
to the world of metal, includes a profile on DE):

Metal War Productions (A great and true label, currently distributing

Necromance Records (A record label/distro from Spain that is currently
carrying "Satanchrist"):

OZ Productions (A label/distro from Mexico that distros "DOTS"):

Paragon Records: (A label/distro from NY, USA currently distributing “DOTS”,
"Satanchrist", and “Misanthropic Annihilation”):

Pentagram Warfare Records (A label/distro from Denmark currently
distributing “Misanthropic Annihilation”):

Power Hour Metal Show (Radio show from Holland that plays lots of great

Primitive Recordings Distro: (A great label/distro from PA, USA founded by
R. Beaujard of MORTICIAN infamy, currently distributing "DOTS" and

Project Infinity (The website for the Project Infinity Comp. CD which
features DE and other Alberta bands):

Red Stream Inc. (A label/distro currently distributing “Misanthropic

Revenge Productions: (A label/distro from Germany currently distributing

Sacrifice Of The Nazarene Child Festival, IV, pictures (Velaetis played bass
with Ouroboros):

Sempiternal Productions: (A killer label/distro from Chicago IL, USA
currently distributing "DOTS" and "Satanchrist"):

Sound Extractor Studio (Formerly known as "Stoogeo", the recording
studio where both "DOTS" and "Satanchrist" were recorded):

Sound Lab Recording Studio (Where the new DE CD “Misanthropic Annihilation”
was recorded):