Darkness Eternal was created in 1997 by founding and sole member George
Velaetis. Hailing from Canada, George set forth to accomplish a primary goal
with Darkness Eternal, and that goal was to create the darkest, most hateful
music that he could pull from within his dark soul. He wanted to unleash all
the hatred, the rage, the anger, the bitterness, and the depression he has
within himself. He created this unholy piece of work to spit in the face of
God, blaspheme against any and all organized religion, and to crush this
graveland called earth.

Under the influence of such greats and legends as Incantation, Immolation,
The Chasm, and Autopsy, George set forth to add his own twist into the mix,
as he incorporates an unholy attack of dual guitars, forming at times morbid
and brooding riffs full of dark atmosphere, switching to a blasting
holocaust of despair. Adding to those elements a devastation of slow,
gripping, suicidal doom sections, and adding the final touches with
cavernous and mystic clean guitars. After three years of writing, arranging,
and putting together songs on guitars, bass, drums, and vocals, Darkness
Eternal was ready to be exposed to the metal masses.....

On July 1st, 2000, Darkness Eternal's debut CD "Dawn Of The Suffering" was
unleashed upon the metal masses with 10 tracks of utter torment, despair,
non-stop dark atmosphere and unrelenting hatred and depression and displays
dark death metal played straight from the heart and soul. Since the release
of "Dawn Of The Suffering", Darkness Eternal has received a very good
response world-wide. Darkness Eternal appeared on the Canadian Zine's "Brave
Words & Bloody Knuckles" compilation CD, Knuckletracks XXIV (Sept. 2000).
Darkness Eternal has been given great reviews from such zines as Erebus
Webzine, Canadian Assault Zine, Vae Solis Webzine, Eternal Frost Webzine,
Unchain The Underground Webzine, Metalcore Zine, Burning Shadow Zine, Himnos
Rituales De Guerra Webzine, The Alberta’s Necrocult Zine, Grendel Webzine,
and many more across the world. With "Dawn Of The Suffering" garnering
Darkness Eternal its great recognition as one of the darkest and most
uncompromising forces in the metal underground, it was time to create and
unleash the second coming of Darkness Eternal...

On November 15th, 2001, Darkness Eternal returned with a dark vengeance as
"Satanchrist" was unleashed to the metal masses.
"Satanchrist" features 9 tracks of utter hatred, torment, bitterness, depression,
and total uncompromising darkness played with pride, heart, and soul!
"Satanchrist" took what was done on "Dawn Of The Suffering" to all new heights and levels,
it was more extreme, more unholy, more intense, more depressing, and most
importantly, DARKER than its predecessor! It was with “Satanchrist” that
Darkness Eternal really came into its own and solidified its own unique and
original sound. “Satanchrist” was heralded and revered as a classic amongst
metal fans and enthusiasts alike world-wide, as it received absolutely
stellar reviews from zines such as Erebus Webzine, Canadian Assault Zine,
Eternal Frost Webzine, Alberta’s Necrocult Zine, Prelude To Darkness
Webzine, Metalcore Zine, Metal Nightmare Zine, Music Extreme Zine, Unchain
The Underground Webzine, Chronicles Of Chaos Webzine, and many more across
the world. The success of “Satanchrist” catapulted Darkness Eternal to new
levels and kept George extremely busy for following three years after.
Darkness Eternal was named the best independent/unsigned band of 2002 by Vae
Solis Webzine, “Satanchrist” was named the best self-released CD, and was
also rated number twelve in the top fifty releases of 2001-2002 by Vae Solis
as well. Canadian Assault Zine praised Darkness Eternal “for elevating
itself to that next level separating itself from the pack of good bands to
the small legion of great bands in this genre.” Many were in utter shock
that Darkness Eternal was still a band without a record deal. With
“Satanchrist” cementing Darkness Eternal as one of the darkest and most
relentless forces in the underground, it was time to commence in the
creation of new material, and again, Darkness Eternal had to be taken to the
next level, in every sense of the term…

Through many trials and tribulations George suffered in the following three
and half years, he never once stopped forging on, and in that time was
creating the most demonic, unholy, hateful, depressive, and DARKEST hymns
ever to come from his black heart and doomed soul. In 2003, the decision
was made to relocate to the USA to take Darkness Eternal to the next level
it needed to go, and although George did not want to leave his homeland of
Canada, the decision proved to be a great and vital one for the band. After
a little over three years, the composition of the new Darkness Eternal
material was complete. Time was booked in the studio to commence recording,
when the unthinkable occurred; Autopsy Kitchen Records stepped up and
offered to sign Darkness Eternal and release the upcoming record. So with a
deal now in place, the new material ready to go, and Darkness Eternal now in
its best position since its inception, the time had finally come to complete
the Unholy Trinity…

On September 13th, 2005, Darkness Eternal marked its return with the utmost
darkest vengeance as “Misanthropic Annihilation” was unleashed to the metal
masses. “Misanthropic Annihilation” contains 9 tracks of utter torment,
total despair, hopelessness, bitterness, hatred, depression, and never
ending and uncompromising darkness played with total pride, heart, and soul!
“Misanthropic Annihilation” takes everything Darkness Eternal has ever
done to the next level, in every way, without compromising the original
roots or the bands unique style for one second! From the incredible
production, to the improved musicianship, “Misanthropic Annihilation” is the
heaviest, most extreme, original, twisted, unholy, intense, depressive, and
most importantly, the DARKEST material ever written in the history of
Darkness Eternal! Although “Misanthropic Annihilation” has only been out a
short time (as of press time), it is already being called another classic by
many and is taking the band to heights never imagined.

Darkness Eternal will never stray from its original roots and main concepts,
but will continue to advance and rise to new levels and will never
compromise its unique style and sound for anyone or anybody, no matter what
the future has in store. Darkness Eternal has no plans to stop creating its
dark devastation, and will continue to do so until death. Darkness Eternal
stands for all that is unholy, evil, and all that is true and real. Darkness
Eternal dedicates its music to all the TRUE fans of metal across the earth.